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China stocks plunge, trigging another market halt


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Hmm, what a great idea... China's efforts to control what should be a free market are having completely the opposite effect, encouraging nervous investors to join a stampede to sell every time the market starts to dip.

It's a triumph of wishful thinking over market realities, which even the might of the CCP cannot ultimately control.

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It is a mistake Yuan is an international hard currency. as long as CCP controls the market. This is a very expensive lesson for investors who are still poring money into China.

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George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008 ...


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I fear for the common punter who have invested their 'hard earned' and lost. I am afraid the poo has yet to hit the fan. This sorry saga is anything but played out.

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The rise in Chinese shares wasn't based on fundamentals. It was based on emotive trading by investors who bought overvalued stocks and a correction was inevitable.

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Wasn't this expected of a country and its people pretty much treating its economy as a casino? End result looks like house and gamblers both folding.

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"the common punter who have invested their 'hard earned' and lost."

Much of it wasn't "earned." It was borrowed.

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