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Toyota, Nissan cut China output over island row


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Don't worry. Toyota needs to build better quality and elegance design Lexus. Lexus can sell anywhere in the world. Current all Lexus models design is shitty and cheapy look. That's why Lexus brand is losing market to BMW. If Lexus design was looking better than BMW and then Lexus can beat BMW in any market. I like quality of Lexus but I hate design. I love GS300 JZS147 and LS400 first design. It's real Luxury and elegance design.

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Heard that Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are ramping up production in their plants in the U.S. Toyota in particular will assemble cars and minivans in its plants in places such as Kentucky and Indiana for export to places such as South Korea, so I'm sure there will be no problem with production on their end.

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Japanese auto industry needs to shift focus to US production. US auto industry is out of recession and ready to ramp up production accordingly. US economy is very slowly improving. How 1.3 billion Chinese can afford to buy a car while average Chinese only earn $400-700 a month? Follow the money.

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globalwatcher Sep. 27, 2012 - 12:15AM JST How 1.3 billion Chinese can afford to buy a car while average Chinese only earn $400-700 a month? Follow the money.

Huh? Last year the Chinese bought 18 million cars, 6 million more than were sold in the U.S. and 80 percent pay cash. For the growing Chinese middle class, it's a status symbol. It's the largest market in the world. Ford predicts that by the year 2020, Chinese drivers will buy a staggering 30 million cars a year. Last year nearly 29 percent of the sales worldwide were sold in China.

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@sfjp330, I am posting WSJ auto stats leased in Sept 2012.

As you can see, there is a great opportunity for hybrid. Local auto dealers cannot catch up with demand for hybrid. Consumers are thinking ahead for value added cars in this political instibility. Cars in US is not a status symbol unlike China, it is a survival tool. By 2015, US will come up with a self driving hybrid minimum 45mph/gallon vechicle. Japanese auto industry has to move ahead to meet many changes in US consumer demand aggressively in US market.

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