China to relaunch the world's fastest bullet trains


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Its incredible what you can do with stolen technology

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What do you want them to do? Build steam engines?

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China built 12400 miles of high-speed rail for $360 billion. Meanwhile, the estimated cost of the UK HS2 high-speed line is up to $520 million per mile, or 18 times the cost of a mile of track in China.

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Very true Mr.Scrote but the China track will be China quality so expect a derail within 6 months of operation. As for HS2, obsolete before a mile of track laid but the consultant firms and project managers will grow fat and rich off it.

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Its incredible what you can do with stolen technology...

Welcome to the new world order. Multinational corporations gladly give away technologies created (and often subsidized) in their home countries for the sake of short-term profits or they agree to be bribed to gain a foothold in a market with a billion consumers.

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Its incredible what you can do with stolen technology

Shared tech, surely?

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Its incredible what you can do with stolen technology

and never said "Thank you" to Japan.

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Technology changes so fast. If you don't use it, then you lose it. Japan missed golden 20 years and potentially will lose another 20. The biggest reason for the failed Japan is that Japan can't figure out that a golden relationship is all Japan needs.

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