China's trading partners alarmed by food import controls


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How does China produce American fruit juice, American snack foods, French wine, German chocolate, Italian pasta and Australian orange juice? They all should be labeled Chinese if they are coming from China.

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confirming it meets Chinese quality standards.

Meaning it is sh!t?

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I'm very familiar with Codex Alimentarius, MRLs and non-tarrif trade barriers. This looks like a non-tarrif trade barrier.

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Basically PRC is trying to stop import but afraid of WTO based retaliation.

The reason why they want to stop import is to reduce the flow of foreign currency out of the country.

Bottom line it's their last ditch effort to stop the collapse of their economy.

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Amazing. what about controls on the quality od their food EXPORTS?

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confirming it meets Chinese quality standards.

Wow! They're really setting the bar high!

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Definite non-tariff trade barrier, and China is playing a dangerous opening game with Trump openly talking about tariffs on Chinese imports. This could escalate

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This kind of nonsense is easy to stop. All western countries should impose a rule that all Chinese imports have to be tested; they can employ a handful of people to do the testing.

If the Chinese want to protect their markets then we should protect ourselves against China.

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sounds more like chasing away safe food and let the their ppl eat food processed from toxic rivers flowing in the beloved country

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