Chinese brewer Tsingtao relying on Japanese investment


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Tsingtao Beer has become a big international brand,

Oh really ! ? . . Well I still prefer Heineken !!!

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The quality of the water in most parts of China is so bad, it's a wonder they can use it to make beer at all.

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Unfortunately Tsingtao is so watery that only Bud can compete it.

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Never heard of it... ever. That shows just how internationally known it is. I have seen and heard of Kirin here. And Coors brewery is located in CO. Then we have the micro-breweries around town, Irish ales, German ales... the list goes on, but I've yet to see any Tsingtao.

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A pretty generic fizzy piss similar to Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg, Asahi etc. No better, no worse.

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A lot of Chinese restaurants carry it on their menus in the US. It goes by another name in Japan -- in a manner of speaking -- since the characters for Qingdao, 青島, are pronounced "Aoshima" in Japanese.

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I think people should NOT try to compare Asian beers to the beers from Germany or Belgium or the craft-brewed beers here in the USA. Tsingtao, like the Japanese Sapporo or Asahi brands, has more emphasis on beer as refreshment than as something with great taste.

I do think, though, that Tsingtao may be getting into brewing higher-end premium quality beers over the next ten years, especially for the export market to Europe and the USA.

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Tsingtao not great. Ironic they need Japanese support.

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Why is Tsingtao more expensive than Japanese beer?

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