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Chinese consumers spend billions in 'Singles' Day' shopping spree

By Dan Martin

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There's an article that was referencing reduced business spending because of reduced consumer spending in Japan.

Meanwhile, chinese companies keep seeing soaring profits.

The difference? Annually increased income.

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@JJ Jetplane

Just China themselves won't be able to generate such huge sales.

Difference is that most things bought from the site don't get tax overseas and based on certain agreements with postal services worldwide the shipping costs is close to negligible. Hence they are able to undercut prices that your brick and mortar store can provide.

It is just like how Amazon destroys the retail stores just on a global level.

When you can buy things cheaper from overseas including shipping then what would you choose as a consumer?

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I refuse to use giant stores as they are strangling all other types of business...

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Environmentalists, however, accuse Alibaba and other e-tailers of fueling a culture of excessive consumption

Are environmentalists ever happy about anything people do - Now its Singles day, cant these people splurge on themselves.

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prc has a history of faking statistics.

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