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Chinese EV dominance hastens end of petrol engine era

By Rebecca BAILEY

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The Biden's policy also helped the Chinese to gain upper hand in EV... Not just EV other solar equipment in the name of climate change and clean energy... Every action by Biden helped China to be rich and superior in every field. Who lost? US tax payers ...

Do not blame me " I DID NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN"

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Shanghai has shown Chinese brands "can compete with all of the legacy automakers in every way -- performance, quality, comfort, there's nothing they can't do", said EV specialist Elliot Richards, joking he had seen "a lot of worried-looking German men wandering around".

LOL, ROTFL, main stream media, dreamy one day, outright fantasy the next. The main stream media landscape is looking more and more like a badly organised library where fiction and nonfiction are intermingling.

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Just be aware that as you are looking at your new Chinese EV, your new Chinese EV is looking at you.


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Wow, for a second I thought this was a Toyota!?

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You mean those Chinese EVs that have a bad habit of catching fire? No thanks.

The world should be boycotting China in every way until the CCP are dead and buried.

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""and leave foreign companies in the dust, analysts and industry insiders said.""

As if no one saw it coming!!? China has been advancing in this sector for the past 5 to 10 years, it started with mini EV bikes & cars and now it is a full size street legal automobiles, the Dinosaurs at some automakers must be scratching their heads thinking how did we get to this point??

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About 60% of China's electricity is from burning coal, so no matter what percentage of their cars are EVs, they are still contributing to global warming in a big way.

Not to belabor the obvious, but in order for EVs to help in the fight against global warming, their sources of electricity must be clean.

By comparison, here in California, less than one half of one percent of the electricity generated in-state is from burning coal, and that last coal plant is due to be shut down in just a few years.

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Headline should be "Communism will leave capitalism in the dust."

Just as Marx predicted 150 years ago. The man was a prophet.

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needed fuxing, and I fixed it for you.

Headline should be "Communism will leave capitalism in the dust."

Just as main stream media predicted 150 years ago. The msm was a prophet.

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"I think this show marks the end of the internal combustion engine and the beginning of the EV era," he added.

Don't bet on it. EV's are not practical at this time for interstate travel. Intrastate travel is also iffy. City driving and commuting OK. You can always depend on your home as the primary charging station.

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Which leader in the Japanese automobile industry pushed for electric vehicles? Carlos Ghosn. Now he has gone. Japan got rid of an innovator.

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That’s still only a mouse, even if it looks like a big elephant at this Shanghai motor show. Of course they want to promote this technology, but the real buying numbers , market shares and infrastructure availability speaks quite another language. It’s by far not so sure, that they will make it instead of old style cars. If the wind only slightly turns or problems are not handled quickly, they remain a small marge niche product which they currently still are. Lately, they’ve become very much louder but also very less convincing. I doubt a bit that the cosmetics of nice motor shows and car exhibitions can and will hide the ugly face forever.

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I struggle to understand why Japanese large cities are not full of EV Kei cars shuttling no more than 10 kms or so to go shopping and dropping the kids off at school or other activities. We would all breath more easily.

The answer to the riddle is likely a word that begins with T and ends in A.

During the pandemic, when China’s borders were sealed because of “zero Covid” precautions, its auto industry was quietly transformed and the market share of foreign companies shrank. Today half the cars sold in Shanghai itself are already electric. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/19/business/shanghai-auto-show-electric-vehicles.html

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A glimpse into some of the real reasons that the State Department is funding a desperate campaign to discredit China in the press, and is attempting to goad China into war over Taiwan...they have taken the steps to leapfrog the US in key sectors, so in a peaceful world based simply on market competition, the US would lose badly.

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A lot of percentage figures in the article, but some real numbers would be helpful. I've read elsewhere that total car sales in China in 2002 were about 27 million. About 7 million were electric cars. In the US, the equivalent numbers were 13 million and 750,000.

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Sorry, that should have been 2022.

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An EV that is charged with electricity from a coal power plant is not preferable to a car with an ICE that burns gas or diesel fuel.

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World needs environmental progress, EV's clearly that! Many EV's will soon have significant solar panels embedded and require little electricity from the grid.

Also, incredible battery progress, so much fast charging and increased range coming soon as EV costs steadily drop as production scales, estimated +50% unit growth this yr.

Finally, most new electrical generation's now renewable, especially solar and wind, so it's all getting cleaner by the day, so nobody will miss loud dirty expensive ICE!

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If the ICE cars are gone, Japan's economy will go to the dustbin of history with the destruction of is domestic auto industry.

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If the ICE cars are gone, Japan's economy will go to the dustbin of history

I can't see this, realistically. Nidec, GKN, Denso are top suppliers to Chinese EVs brands (and why I think Chinese EVs, using commodities parts bin e-Axle will never be as good as a Tesla), so the worse that would happen is that they will supply Japanese brands as well and life goes on. Japan has been really good at sitting in the middle any way.

On the other hand Bosch, Schaeffler, Magna etc. are going to be supplying the German brands with e-Axle made in China (yes production shifted to China already, so much for the IRA causing de-industrialization of Europe ), would the rest of the world pay a premium for a Chinese made e-Axle on a German badge? I wouldn't.

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I don't want to throw any more rocks at main stream media, but even if they can't research, the least they can do is read analysts research and regurgitate other people's research.

Chinese EVs are mostly unprofitable, especially without government subsidies. Tesla is the only profitable EV brand independent of any subsidies, in fact USA government is even expecting Tesla to subsidise other brands (in opening up its amazing Supercharger networks).

Now Nidec's cheapest e-Axle (motor, inverter, gears only, not complete drivetrain) as used in Chinese EVs was targeting a cost of $1,300 (on Nidec web site). Inflation meant it's now closer to $2k. By the time it's in the supply chain, a Chinese EV brand would be paying over $2k. Compare this with Tesla's more efficient, better (no gear whines like in BYDs, and less vibration), AND costs Tesla less than $1k for a complete drive train, ie including cradle, shaft, temperature management.

Chinese EVs only dominate in a fantasy of the main stream media.

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