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Christian Smalls, the unlikely union leader who took on Amazon

By Juliette MICHEL

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According to an internal memo that leaked to the press shortly afterwards, a senior Amazon official said that Smalls was "not smart, or articulate," and that he should be made "the face of the entire union/organizing movement"

Amazon, instead of being a 21st century progressive corporation, proved that ad copy about truth, freedom and a better society were all lies.

It is more of the same 19th, 20th century dirty tricks and union busting with them.

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Smalls is a MENSCH, a bigger man than billionaire, Bezos. Amerika needs more heroes of labor like him to make plutocrats show more respect for the dignity of work over their sordid worship of the bottom-line.

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It was perhaps that 'sordid worship of the bottom-line' that enabled the company to hire so many. The 'dignity of work' should always be respected - but you need a place to work for that to occur. Most of us are capitalists and not communists.

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Don't put the cart before the horse - it's the workers who have to do all the pulling that creates billionaires sitting atop their cartloads of money. Fact is, capitalist Amerika is a dysfunctional society that has strayed very far from the republican ideals of its founders and those of all who yearn for a fair society with equal justice for all.

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Labor unions are the only hope for workers.

BTW,does Japan have labor unions?

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Their own hubris also helped do them in. One more gain for the little people.

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