Christine Lagarde continues to break glass ceilings

By Heather SCOTT

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Yes indeed.  she is in no way a core member of the oligarchy running global finance.

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Christine Lagarde is a political appointee in a grubby back room trade off to determine the next EU commission hierarchy. All unaccountable.

Christine Lagarde is no more qualified to accept ECB presidency than Chair of the IMF. The Greek debt debacle is proof enough. Christine Lagarde flip flopping only aggravated the misery endured by hundreds of thousand of Greek pensioners.

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Lawyers should never be put in charge of economic policy, especially this Davos diva. Just ask the Greeks.

"Greater emphasis on women in organizations leads to better governance and decision-making." 

Ah, that reminds me. Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial next year for one of the most extraordinary cases of corporate fraud in modern times.

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