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Chrysler aims to be all electric by 2028


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This is a bad news for Japan Inc.

The transition to all electric is accelerating.

All automakers must legally have 50% of their vehicle sales in the US be electric by 2030 per the US mandate. So Japan Inc's ability to sell gasoline and hybrid vehicle is tied to the number of EVs they can produce and sell.

In UK, all gasoline/hybrid vehicle sales are banned from 2030.

In EU, it's from 2035.

We are looking at the turning point in downfall of Japan's auto industry.

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Who cares?

I'm a bus/train man, I'd rather walk or call a taxi.

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This not about Chrysler - it's about the conglomerate Stellantis.

Stellantis - one of the largest auto producers in the world - with diverse brands such as Alfa, Ram, Citroen, Maserati....!

They are dictating their swing to EV and it's coming fast.

EVs 10 years on will not resemble the EVs of today.

They will be far superior and everywhere.

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Bye, bye Elon Musk.

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This is the sort of initiative that is needed if we are going to save the biosphere.

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Kind of behind the curb but better late than never.

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Too bad Chryslers have such a dumpy design, nobody wants them.

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I'm a bus/train man, I'd rather walk or call a taxi.

Buses here run Monday Wednesday and Friday. The nearest train station is about 135 km away. The nearest town from us is 90 km away. Winters are very cold and suck the life out of car batteries forcing frequent recharges to make an out of town trip.

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