Climate activists put heat up shareholder meetings

By Kevin Trublet

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Desperation on the way climate change dangers and already observed negative effects are being ignored is driving people to desperation, specially those that more clearly understand how important is to take action right now. Non-violent demonstrations can help making a strong point about what is clearly going into the opposite direction (like investing in fossil fuel), unfortunately even completely pacific activism can result in violence if companies and authorities escalate unnecessarily confrontations.

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Yesterday was suddenly hot as it is across Asia.

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Cleaned the AC units yesterday. Usually do that next month, and I used them. May temps are usually 14ºC to 22ºC.

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@Roy Sophveason

It’s difficult to engage in discussions with watchers of rightwing podcasts. These people are very well versed in science.

I was blown out of the water with one linking to ‘Louder with Crowder’.

Outside of science, we were told that the result of the 2020 election was false and the result would be overturned.

These podcasts are heavyweight division.

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Yes, it's difficult to engage with people who see every topic as an opportunity to demonstrate partisanship. I get it, it's probably down to the difference between what I have recently heard called "scarcity vs. abundance mindset". Some people think everything in life is a zero-sum game, and you can only win if the someone else loses (with, as you mention, usually a savvy third party taking from both sides).

But what gets me is the complete denial of reality. I mean, it's one thing to discuss the extent of human influence on climate change, fair enough, the jury is still out there on that one. To deny climate change in general is a bit weird, since we have historical data to back it up. But to deny extreme weather events you can experience for yourself by stepping in front of your door takes mental gymnastics I fail to comprehend.

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Yes, it's difficult to engage with people who see every topic as an opportunity to demonstrate partisanship

Well, they are consistent. They don’t have much, but they have that.

Unkind people would call that boring and an inability to think for themselves.

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