Climate on track to devastate world's poorest economies: study

By Marlowe HOOD

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Just an observation, but aren't the world's poorest economies already devastated?

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RegBilk - if they weren't before Covid, they are now. Especially the ones that relied on income from tourism.

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Ineffective Lockdowns, Illegal Government Mandated Vaccines On Track To Devastate World's Poorest Economies- Reality

There, fixed it for you!

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That anyone at this juncture in the pandemic would fail to comprehend the success of the protocols and means to alleviate the spread of the virus is testament to a failure so large as to question the mental acuity of such individuals. To espouse a cranky, non-legitimate cause for the ongoing devastation in Africa and other places is more than mere nonsense.

Poverty is systemic and institutional and rooted in politics that reflect such. SARSCoV-2 has furthered adverse impacts on those regions of the world where suffering is endemic.

Wealthy countries and individuals who command massive amounts of capital bear responsibility and there is an easily noted history that traces the path of destruction unleashed by those who rule over the masses and exploit so-called Third World nations.

Africa has been exploited since the arrival of colonial masters and now it simply takes a different form. The tome, King Leopold's Ghost, is a treatise that traces the initial forays of European aka Western nations laying waste to the continent of Africa in a quest to strip away its resources. The once slave trade being another obvious example. In the 21st century, such continues in different form. Oil, minerals, gold & diamonds are riches stripped away. The means for doing so does not support infrastructure or alleviate poverty.

The poor countries of Africa, South America and elsewhere are simply meant to suffer as they are robbed of their treasures and will literally be swept away by global climate change - a catastrophe engineered by the wealthy countries and its rich & powerful. And further, by an unsustainable lifestyle to which its citizenry aspire - neglecting to measure the collective impacts of the economies they support. Those in positions of power who deny climate change do so in order to maintain control & power and do so simply to sustain their riches, knowing full well the disaster which is unfolding. Those in the middling classes who deny climate change do so out of ignorance and care not one wit for those who suffer the consequences in far away lands. Therein lies one element of the ongoing tragedy.

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Richard- those rich people who deny "climate change" are honest. Did you know that the polar bear population has increased by 600% in the past 70 years? Maybe they breathe CO2? And I guess they live in the desert now because the polar caps are gone, right?

The dishonest rich people are in Glasgow now. Who do you think will benefit by new "climate change" policies? Hint: not you and not the environment.

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Richard- those rich people who deny "climate change" are honest. Did you know that the polar bear population has increased by 600% in the past 70 years? Maybe they breathe CO2? 

Polar bears became a protected species and hunting which was widespread 70 years ago has been banned for 50 years. Using their population growth to deny climate change is neither correct nor honest.

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