Coca-Cola to start using 100% recycled plastic bottles in Japan


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This is a big progress in CSR management. Other beverage companies should follow this movement.

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The headline should really mention that this is for one product sold in one chain of stores only.

I really feel the heat, and so end up buying more drinks than I'd like in plastic bottles. I wish more drinks would come in aluminum bottles. not just cans that can't be closed.

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Should only use glass bottles.

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Go back to glass bottles, the taste is actually better in glass, compared to plastic or aluminium

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Yes, we wish too, Go back to glass bottles, the taste is actually better in glass, compared to plastic or aluminium

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This is actually pretty pathetic.

The article doesn’t mention if these bottles are themselves recyclable. Its a key point, since my understanding is that the plastic used in drink bottles can only be recycled once, after which it becomes waste like any other garbage.

So just selling a few bottles made using recycled PET is going to make zero difference if those bottles then end up as garbage themselves.

Better to use glass or aluminum which can be recycled as many times as you want. Or switch to so e biodegradable container. If this is all Coke can come up with, the planet is truly screwed unless we start seriously regulating this stuff.

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I have a coke about once every two to three months. I haven't bought a plastic bottle of coke in years. 10oz glass is the best.

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Very good inspiration for other companies. I do agree with @rainyday if possible please use glass bottles which can be recycled. Again Aluminium is also not safe for human,

STILL thinking for recycling is a good move.

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Plastic is still Plastic - recycled or not..

Why not simply go back to Glass bottles, reduce size and be healthy for all.

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