Companies in China distance themselves from Taiwan amid Pelosi backlash

By Eduardo Baptista

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It's a good time to avoid buying anything from China. There are truly other sources of most of what China exports, but it takes guts. And guts are what western governments lack.

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China doesn't need a single shot to control its Taiwan province.

Only with naval and air blockades to the economy of his Taiwan province will have it Taiwan in its hands..

And cutting off the supply of microchips will bring US to its knees..

And the US will not be able to do anything, what is happening in Ukraine is the clear example..


By the way..

Apple has reportedly asked Taiwan-based suppliers to label their products as being produced in China as made in “Chinese Taipei” or “Taiwan, China”..

China has everything to win

LOL !!

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Taiwan should cut all business ties to China if it want's to be truly independent. And at the same time should do much more business with other countries. Taiwan is too reliant on China and at the same time independent of China, it's one or the other!

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Taiwan should cut all business ties to China

That's impossible !

Taiwan is China !

It's a self governing autonomous province of China.

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Taiwan is China !

It's a self governing autonomous province of China.

Spoken like a true wumao.

Taiwan is NOT and never will be Communist China. Taiwan is free, open, democratic, has friends and allies all over the world - and has a bright future.

Unlike the PRC.

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The picture speaks a thousand words. Whose's balls are those that adorns Nancy's neck?

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