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Is Thursday the new Monday? Flexible working is in flux


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One year ago, those CEO were happily saying "We Don't need office anymore, the new normal is teleworking". Today, they cry because worker do teleworking and don't want to return to the office....

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if people want to work from home they should be able to do so. I personally would be VERY happy permanently working from home if I could..

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Have shekels will travel so no need for working but I understand both cases here. Some enjoy the freedom of being on their own and do a good job at it, but others being social creatures need support emotionally from colleagues because they are not strong enough to stand up on their own.

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If your employee can work at home without any problems (including data security and insurance), and they want to, let them. It's good for both parties.

It depends on what they are doing. Obviously tech corporations can do more of this. Most of their staff are tech savvy and can work anywhere as long as they have a PC. But data security may still be an issue, and team-based work may require physical proximity for all but those really comfortable with tech.

Some folk will really want to regain their second life in the office, having been cut back to having just their life at home, and having seen their home refurbished as an office (or as two). Going to work in the morning means that you can leave it and return home later in the day. That is as important to some as avoiding the commute is to others. So be flexible.

It is detrimental to a company if folk can only do something on one day of the week. I'll be pleased when my customers get back to work as it is a pain waiting for them to do something that they can only do on their one day a week in the office. Most are short staffed too, having had foreign-origin staff chased home by Brexit or repatriated by the pandemic.

Employees should be aware - if your company can function with you working at home full time, you can be replaced by someone working at home for 20% of your pay in another country. Governments can crack down on visas for migrant workers, but outsourcing work abroad, if staff never need to come into the office, is easy. Especially in tech. Big Tech companies have hubs in multiple countries. If the USG cuts visas, they will simply move work abroad to retain foreign talent that they do not want to lose.

In turn, employers should properly value competent staff. You should go the extra mile for good, committed employees. They were always a rare commodity. Your company would be nothing without them.

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