Companies still reluctant to relocate from Tokyo despite tax breaks


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You actually expect Japanese companies to break from what everyone else around them are doing? Laughable.

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Because it doesn't work, Okinawa did the same thing in the 2000's, nearly every company I know that went down there went bankrupt or quickly pulled out. You need to be near other companies and people!

The tax saving does not outweigh the difficulty of finding qualified staff in that area, transporting and logistics.

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If you want companies to move, move the government out of Tokyo. They will follow, because it makes the rules and gives them "advice".

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One advantage of not living in Tokyo is the stifling crowding and insane summer temperatures.

I’d never want to be there....

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Really happy we left Tokyo after the first six months, 25 years ago. There's just so much on offer in so many locations. Internet jobs no longer require staying in one place. Our translation work is done without even meeting anyone.

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I couldn't do Tokyo on a regular basis. That said, if things became desperate, of course I'd have to. One has to survive in this terrible world of rampant capitalism.

@zichi, good to see you here again :-)

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Government has no real affect on business in Japan.

Tokyo offers what no other city in Japan offers.

1) Access to a large and diverse talent pool.

2) Access to a large consumer base.

3) History as a dominant financial hub.

4) Easy access to local and international investors and partners.

Because of those things it would be hard to leave Tokyo.

However, Tokyo does have a huge concentration of local companies and while the talent pool is more diverse than other Japanese cities, it is still lacking in diversity. Those could become big issues for Tokyo as the population continues to decline.

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They expect employees to also move out of the city to follow their jobs? Talk about reinforcing the "job for life" ethic which helped get Japan's economy into the mess it's in (and can't get out of).

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Stupid is as stupid does! Most of the employees have already relocated to central Tokyo for their jobs. Now, the government expects them to relocate again or travel extended distances. Also, there is nobody in the semi-rural areas to work for the companies if their staff don’t relocate.

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As opposed to the job insecurity ethic in America and some other places?

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This program is just plain WRONG!

Companies DONT have to move their H.O. out of Tokyo, just MOVE most of their admin etc out of Tokyo, leave management in the city, ship the rest out elsewhere!

Problem is this is to "difficult" ….medokusai etc etc blah blah

The rot continues, the country is dying & will continue to DIE. Its like a frog in a pot of water slowly heating up, till its TOO LATE

That is Japans fate, so we just get to sit back & watch the frog BOIL!

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