Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain


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This 'Deal' achieves nothing in terms of righting of grievances aired by Americans, I wonder what it achieved for Trump. This is proof Trump is desperate for anything to save his political bacon. I consider my comment as being kind here, it could be worse, eg the exPM of Malaysia, totally sold out Malaysia for billions of personal gains. Surely Trump is not all about personal gains and crynism?

China must (like Japan has) think all their Christmas'es have come at once, they have axtraordinary pork price rises, and the deal involves buying more AND cheap pork from USA. Oh and hog feed (soy) from USA.

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The picture shows the ignorance of Trumps knowledge of culture regarding receiving something from a Chinese diplomat in this case vice premier Liu. VP Liu presents a letter with two hands , something normal in this part of the world, but Trump just sticks out one hand to receive. Showing a lack of manner is not only a sign of indifference but ignorance.

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Yeah, Trump cements his upper hand over China. The country's economy is highly trade dependent and slowing down, including industrial production, hitting a 17 year low. US economy remains strong and is winning.

Time for China's reckoning. Too many years reneging on WTO commitments and stealing our IP. And yes, the globalization-loving Democrats are finally - finally - recognizing this. Yesterday's headline was, "Warren is trying to be even tougher than Trump on China." Good luck. But we saw how Obama got in bed with the greedy billionaires and fraudulent bankers.

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US economy remains strong and is winning.

You know when someone is too far gone when they echo what Trump says.

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Everyone is happy that Trump's lose-lose trade war shows signs of possibly winding down.

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Trump actually had a good point about Chinese theft of IP.

But of course that’s not the problem he’s solved. He’s simply somewhat retreated on a situation he caused.

And the Chinese still are stealing IP.

Once again even when trump has the inkling of something good, he does it with incompetence.

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...when they echo what Trump says.

My post is based on official economic data. It must be a drag when the facts undermine your world view.

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My post is based on official economic data. It must be a drag when the facts undermine your world view

Alternative facts?

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Well this turned out to just be another Trump attempt at distracting the people from his impending impeachment.

There has been no advancement in the trade war. This story was a big nothing burger.

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Washington, Europe, Japan and other trading partners say China's plans violate its market-opening obligations and are based on stealing or pressuring companies to hand over technology. Chinese leaders see those tactics as the surest path to prosperity and global influence.

The Chinese Government must give up and cancel the law which force foreign Company to transfer its technology to a Chinese Company. It's unfair and unlawful practice by Communist China.

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