Competition forces Honda to revamp new Civic


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Honda makes FANTASTIC CARS.... some of the most dependable and reliable here in the USA... and for a long time too.

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Goes to show how competition keeps them honest. If it weren't for the strong competition, they could have sat it out.

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and utput was again hampered

I hate having a hampered utput, don't you?

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Carcharodon,GM still makes crappy cars and trucks. The engine of their Corvette is basically the same as the engines of the late 50's. My friends 04 Sunfire was peeling within 2 years, not covered by warranty. A truly crappy electrical system.

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Even a mediocre Honda Civic is better than most of the American cars in the same segment. Honda needs to keep the design control in Japan. They have let their American offices design some of their cars, to the detriment of the brand.

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1999 Honda Prelude.- made in Japan- not U.S. assembled. Everything still works- all original-nothing has worn out or broken. The best and most reliable cars are both Honda and Acura.

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That's how the free market should be.


The Smallblock V8 in the Corvette is the same engine since the late 50s in the same sense I'm the same person as my grand father.

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Not surprising. Japanese automakers while still highly competitive need to realize that other companies are just as hungry for profits in a deflated economy. Hyundai and Ford for example are several of those who have done very well recently.

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In the late 70's and 80's Honda made many crappy cars with engines that notoriously played up and ran badly after few years. some who had Hondas back in the 80's are still burned from the experience and wont touch them again, even though modern Hondas are as James says - fantastic cars.

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