Computer shipments sink under weight of strong dollar


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I want to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro3. However, I have put it off because of the reasons stated in the article and the news of a SurfacePro 4 being introduced soon.

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I only buy things when I need them, not by price fluctuations.

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Does the dollar really has so much effect on the price of a computer, which is probably made in China?

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"Worldwide shipments of personal computers sank in the recently ended quarter with a strong US dollar weighing down sales"

I guess the almighty dollar needs to sink back down to around 90 yen, lol

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gaijintravellerOct. 09, 2015 - 09:37PM JST

Does the dollar really has so much effect on the price of a computer,

If a $1,000 computer was sold in the UK for £666.66 (using an exchange rate of $1.50 to the £)

Then if the exchange rate changed to $1.60 to the £

It would then sell for £625 a drop of £41.66 ($66.66) making the computer more attractive.

If the exchange rate changed to $1.40 to the £

It would then sell for £714.29 an increase of £47.63 ($66.68) making the computer less active.

The stronger the $ the more the computer will cost in other countries and therefore less attractive to buyers and also less profit for the USA computer company.

The weaker the $ the cheaper it is in other countries and more likely to sell and also more profits for the company.


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japanese yen weak............ how long it will take ..........

many customer would like to buy PC cheaply. Also they pay attention to which company made the product.

The customers consider about the safety and cost.

I would like to know how much the product has been fracturing by foreign currency market.

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If the Chinese maker Lenovo has the biggest market share then an increase in the value of the dollar should make their products cheaper in China. The Chinese currency has also been devalued so their computers should be cheaper in other countries too. The argument that a stronger dollar is the reason for a decline in sales doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

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The scribe of the article is definitely not up to speed on basic economics.....

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