More convenience store operators eye shorter hours, closures for holidays


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re article: Japan's major convenience store operators are exploring reduced holiday hours amid a labor shortage and rising public awareness about overwork issues, with Seven-Eleven Japan Co and Lawson Inc closing some of their outlets on New Year's Day as an experiment to gauge consumer reaction.

Well I'm one frequent consumer that is really upset by this as a large majority of us are off these days and it really is most inconvenient in what is supposed to be a "CONVENIENCE" store to be CLOSED. That is the most ridiculous excuse I have heard yet because of labor shortage and overwork that really is not about convenience stores but more the mainstream employed salaried and contract employees. These people need to look up the word convenience or else close up shop.

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Time to boycott 7/11. I see contracts are contracts but when it becomes unreasonable, just to say it’s part of a contract I’ll ask 7/11 why are they so pig headed? I like their products but when they unreasonably make life more difficult for others I say they show little good will. Too much law, not enough heart.

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Well I'm one frequent consumer that is really upset by this as a large majority of us are off these days and it really is most inconvenient in what is supposed to be a "CONVENIENCE" store to be CLOSED

You'll survive.  Maybe be one step ahead and buy what you need before it shuts for 24 hours.  Don't begrudge others taking a holiday just because you might suddenly want an onigiri.

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Maybe those convenience stores will be run out of town and replaced by mom & pop stores operated by おじいちゃん おばあちゃん who will have definite set hours and days.

The big grocery stores in my neighborhood are open on the 1st! I think the many convenience stores in my area can close for a day or two, no problem.

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Further to SimondB's comment, Japan is also a disaster-prone country. It can strike at any time. You should not live your life in a manner that depends on shops being open 24/7. If a large earthquake strikes a city, the convenience store shelves will be empty in less than an hour. You will have no food and will be dependent on others on what may be the coldest day of the year. Kobe's earthquake came on January 17th.

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There wouldn't be a "labor shortage" if these convenience stores payed ¥1200+ an hour instead of ¥850-950!

These business have failed to adapt to changing opportunities and better work life conditions being provided in other industries. Pay your workers more money and advertise jobs with higher wages, then this "labor shortage" will quickly disappear like it wasn't even there to begin with.

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Fascists tend to have a highly prized tradition of doing things in a regimented way. Give leeway for businesses to chart their own course because it's imperative that they'll always do what's in their own best interests.

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That's like choosing to work in the Hospitality industry to them complain of having to work during the holidays.

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This isn't new. The combini in Haneda airport, for example, has long closed at around 11 p.m. or 12, even with hundreds of passengers milling around waiting for late night flights. And this is an airport that brags about its "round the clock operations." LOL.

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Seven-Eleven will close about 50 convenience stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area...

But the experiment will not involve any outlets run by franchise owners. 

Do as we say, not as we do!

Meanwhile, Lawson will close 102 outlets operated by franchise owners on New Year's Day after past data showed only a small number of customers on the holiday.

Maybe I'll start prioritizing Lawson again. They used to be my favorite, anyway.

I just wish they'd open up some Lawson Natural shops in my area. The healthy foods trend isn't just popular in Tokyo!

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Time to boycott 7/11

I have 6 convenience stores and one Welcia with 5 minutes of my home, they all operate 24hrs a day , one Family mart recently closes at 11pm not a coincidence that its right next door to Welcia. If they want to close let them but I personally will be spending my money at those that stay open 24hrs, Welcia has everything and much more than all combini chains have and extra, and at cheaper prices. One business loss is another's gain.

I personally dont stop at Family mart much because their free wifi if pathetic, while Lawson 7/11 give you about 6hrs a day while I never use that much it far better than Family mart. sitting in my car having a hot coffee surfing the net while its raining or 2 degrees outside is great even at 1am in the morning

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