Japan tries to take business card ritual online

By Linda Sieg

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I thought about it and it's not a bad idea, just send it as a jpg or something

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Been doing this for so long already. I have a scanned PDF, really easy but the problem is how do you send it if you don't have the email address since often times it's the initial contact? If person to person is necessary, just don't stand so dang close when exchanging and place it on a table or something and back off so the other person can pick it up. What to do if you're outside and a table doesn't exist? Aaah, use your brains human, figure it out.

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If you cannot say, “Hi, how are you?” Without a card and a lot of bowing, things need to be changed.

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Just received a new batch of 500 meishi just before the virus outbreak from Mojo Osaka which is a good company for printing them.

Meishi can be done with Airdrop from smart phone to smart phone for iPhones, email or message.

Use a free app like sendanywhere

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Hey you could always send it by FAX ! Right ?

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When I receive a meishi/business card I want to keep I scan it into my phone.

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Seems like a good opportunity to just stop the entire pointless thing.

Online apps will allow you to do clever things like having a profile and saving the details of people you've talked to.

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I'm afraid I'm not into it, bowing over a piece of card, I will bow to to someone who deserves it....that's not a a salesman.

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Cricky, you’re so awesome man! Never bow to them peasants.

I am not that cool, so I use a Line group application, easy to scan and sort the cards, and easy to share cards, especially with young guys. It would be helpful if more people would put their photo on the card, but it gets quite expensive

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Can anyone imagine, how many business cards, I have accumulated in my 31 years ???. The world needs more people who are really competant in their life work. Not just a tittle on a name-card. japan is behind the times.

Pls wake up japan.

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