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After delays, Japan's regional jet faces dogfight with industry giants

By Victoria Bryan and Jamie Freed

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"prang" is Pommie/Aussie slang for a crash. In case someone was wondering

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So, this is a classic (and very costly) example of the Japanese 'top-down' mentality that causes such paralysis to all facets and levels of business and society. Not to mention the stifling beurocracy and useless middle-men that slow every process down.

If they had been able to move on their feet quicker, by taking the input of those 'on the ground' seriously and by ridding each process of unnecessary red tape, they could have avoided these delays and been in a better market position now.

Will they ever learn/change? These days - I don't think they have it in them...

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The project was fatally flawed from the start. The best solution is to just give up. It'll never be able to compete against Boeing and Airbus in the regional market.

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Well let compare some other programs.

Airbus a380 delayed a number of times and way over budget. Commercial speaking it crashed and burned.

Boeing 757 delayyed a number of times and way over budget Commerical speaking it crashed and burned.

So much for western management or should I say mismanagement.

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