JAL to slash hiring of new graduates by 90% in 2022


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No one should be upset about this...JAL doesn't pay well to new recruits anyway..might as well go work at Lawson, as the pay is the same.

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Japan Airlines Co said Thursday it will slash its hiring of new graduates in fiscal 2022 by 90 percent from the number that joined JAL group companies last spring, as the coronavirus pandemic is expected to continue putting pressure on travel demand.

JAL, exhibit #1 that bailouts neither trickle down to the public nor save jobs. Will not stop them from using the same rationales when the time comes for the next big bailout.

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Sorry execs: Your ‘prospects’ are being seriously diminished. “JAL group will hire only 200 and forgo the recruitment of cabin attendants in fiscal 2022 starting in April next year.

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Sad. A lost cohort of new grads will be hit hard by this.

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while it will maintain employment of candidates for pilots and people with disabilities.

This is purely PR and cost-cutting by shady means; PR, because people will say how nice it is that a big company like JAL is hiring people with disabilities. Shady cost-cutting, because no company in Japan pays people with a disability good wages, plus they get subsidies from the government depending on the number of people with disabilities they employ.

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Sad. A lost cohort of new grads will be hit hard by this.

I agree, I feel sorry for the people that may have been working towards this for a number of years.

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Has upper management been filtered out?

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I haven't chosen to flown on JAL for decades now. Overpriced and overrated. A whole lot of other choices to go with. For customers and potential employees.

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With the short- to medium-term prospects of the industry in doubt, I would imagine fewer grads will be lining up to get into it anyway.

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I hope that no one has had an offer revoked. Most graduates are supposed to start work in April. If they lose a offer at this point, there will be horrible prospects to get hired anywhere else. They may wind up becoming "freeters".

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Japanese carriers still have exorbitant airfares out of Japan!

I can get a business class ticket to Europe for only one hundred thousand yen more than an economy ticket on a Japan flagged carrier- go figure...

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