U.S. Chamber of Commerce assails Trump's handling of trade dispute


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The ill conceived trade war that the current temporary occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump, is waging is the main threat to U.S national security, His obstinate approach to international trade makes it a lose/lose proposition fir the United States of America.

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Trump's tariff war will lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

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At least the US Chamber of Commerce knows what it's talking about. Sadly, Chump only listens to the little voices buried deep somewhere under that genetically-modified hair of his.

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The U. S. American Chamber of Commerce in Washington does not speak for everyone, I am an American chamber member and I disagree as to what they have to say.

American Chambers of Commerce overseas are loaded with non-Americans that have their own countries interest. For instance, the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa, only about 10% of the membership is American. The other 90% are foreigners, even the president and most of the board are foreigners.

President Trump will continue to fight for fair trade. He should up the tariffs and use those tariffs to support American industry that will be hurt by countries unwilling to have a fair playing field.

Pertaining to this article, I would like to hear from Americans that are involved in trade.

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There are many other American trade, business or commerce organizations which are predicting the same outcome of Trump's tariffs as those predicted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It's difficult to find one supporting Trump on these issues.

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"The Chamber is expected to spend millions of dollars ahead of the November elections to help candidates who back free trade." Would they say that again. Free trade is fair trade.

The Americans that support and seek fair trade will support Trump. Trump knows to fight fire with fire. The protectionist countries with unfair trade practices know they have more to lose than America has to lose.

Again, it would be good to hear from Americans involved in trade and know what they are talking about.

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@Ray Payne Thanks for the stats on the "American" Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa. It's not really an American organization, is it?

And, yes, President Trump is going to keep on keeping his promises to American workers and do what's right by them. It's too bad past administrations didn't do anything about the huge trade imbalances, but Trump is doing something about it.

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You are so right. It is unfortunate that many people do not understand what fair trade is all about.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa is like a small social club. In the chamber there is no Americans doing business in the Japanese market place. The few Americans in the chamber either work for the military or serve the military.

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This organization has long been staunchly pro-Republican. It is reaping what it sows.

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And how many of those in the ACC voted for Trump thinking that he would be good for their business? It has always been and always will be only about and for Trump and no one else. If you don't like that, then go do something about it this November.

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And how many of those in the ACC voted for Trump

Probably none. This organization is not about trade, but control.

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Ray Payne

Sorry to say but the US Chamber of Commerce has over 300,000 members and the vast majority of them are in the US. The number of members of US Chambers of Commerce outside the US is relatively small.

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"It has always been and always will be only about and for Trump and no one else." This statement is untrue, Trump is more for the American people, the American workers, and most certainly aware of unfair trade, more so, than any of the recent past presidents.

Many overseas chambers of commerce members are engaged in billions of dollars in international trade. The vast number of domestic U. S. Chambers of Commerce members are not involved in international trade.

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