Cosmetics giant Shiseido scales back animal testing


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Good for them - I wonder what % "mostly" means, though?

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the company said exceptions to the policy meant it would still allow animal testing when that was the only way of proving the safety of products already being sold in the market, and in some countries where animal testing is legally required.

Sorry Shiseido, you still don't get it. If the 'only way to prove a product is safe' is to test it on animals, that product needs to be changed, not your we're just doing what we can to hang on to the EU market watered-down new official policy.

Shiseido said it could ensure the safety of its products through others means

Of course it can. Many other companies do. So what's with the 'mostly' and 'only way of proving' cop-out?

My custom still goes to the companies with no cop-outs, even if it does mean having to order brown mascara from the UK.

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It has taken Shiseido about sixty years to bend, and even then not for ethical but for market reasons.

Speedy or what?

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What with this great news and the possible abandonment of this year's whale slaughter, perhaps there is an overdue change in the way animals are treated in Japan, from battery hens and laboratory rats, through slaughtered pigs and exploited racehorses to sharks and bears. A nice spirit of compassion might be on its way and the media may begin to expose the former cruelty to the concerned masses. Maybe.

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Better than nothing . Europe is giving up animal testing all together. The USA ,the "scientists" that get paid to do this testing,are so stupid ,that doing the same tests ,on the same animals,with the same results,after 65 years ,still doesn't hit it home for them,I must conclude that scientists in the USA are all quite stupid .

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it's a start, i suppose getting humans to test on requires paying them while these animals are probably killed and dumped when the testing is over. Where do i sign? i'm broke enough to try that atm ?

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