Could Tesla price cuts mean demand is slowing?


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With gas at $2.11 per gallon in Florida, I am amazed they sell any.

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Would have thought its a poor time for car makers generally. I know in Australia, car sales are off. More likely a consequence of the general economic slow down. And yeah in America fuel is relatively affordable.

Mark Spiegel, a hedge fund manager who bets against Tesla stock

A lot of people want Tesla to fail to line their own pockets.

Seems a lot of Americans in particular. Such a patriotic bunch. Pretty disgusting really. No time for these people.

If Australia had a Tesla there is no way we would be talking it down.

Still, even at 9,300, Tesla's inventory is smaller than other automakers that have to stock dealerships, Schuster said.

So what's the problem? Tesla just becoming a bit more "normal" in how they go about the car business.

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It could mean they're planning for increased production and will take less profit from the autos they sell in growing markets.

I'd buy the stock, if I was an industrial buyer.

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Yes, I agree, the haters are making a big noise, but everything actually looks pretty healthy.

(Except for the nose of that Model 3 which does not quite push my button.)

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Wrong market model for the coming decade. Currently not radically different to the auto industry giants who have far deeper pockets, competing on their terms is a recipe for bankruptcy. Looking ahead, as driverless cars become more accepted by the public, combined with an Uber style model of transport availability without the cost of ownership there will be a much smaller market than today. Add in a growing environmental awareness among consumers of the impact of the current planned obsolescence manufacture and sell paradigm and Auto manufacturers will need to find a new way of doing business that still generates income which will no longer be coming from just selling product. Nothing guaranteed but the most environmentally sustainable model is selling use not product so you lease the car (or other product) and the manufac5urer retains ownership, covers all the costs and you pay a monthly lease payment with a use fee (eg so much per mile). They’re is then an incentive for the manufacturer to ensure the product has a long life span and doesn’t break down, so massively reducing the environmental impact of our civilisation.

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Consumers have short term memory. They should get it now before gas goes back to $3.

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I meant electric cars in general, not just teslas

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It means Panasionic is going to lose a ton of money!

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