COVID isolation hurting Hong Kong's reputation: industry group


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It is the Beijing approved law changes driving people away along with the violent restrictions on pro-democracy activists, not COVID.

De-nile isn't just a river in Egypt.

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Hurting it's reputation? Do they even still have any reputation left after all the chaos and crackdown?

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As an occupied state it’s off the list of most travellers.

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I wish I’d gone there when I could have, but I didn’t. I’m certainly not going there now, and it has nothing to do with COVID.

14 ( +15 / -1 )

I think the whole world knows that it’s communist China that has ruined HK’s reputation

14 ( +15 / -1 )

Hong Kong's business reputation was already ruined, by the Chinese dictatorship.

14 ( +14 / -0 )

Beijing killed the golden goose.

Now it is just another too full city under the thumb of communist dictatorship.

At least this serves as a warning to other areas about the limits of "peaceful cooperation" and the "rule of law" in the PRC.

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Yes Beijing has ruined HK's reputation but the association is also correct, 3 weeks of mandatory hotel quarantine if making any international travel impossible. Lots of businesses in HK rely on regional travel, this is the last straw for companies that stayed despite the change of politics...

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Anyone who hasn't been, just 1 week is enough to explore at least 50% of real HK before it becomes full China after few years.

4 ( +8 / -4 )

I won’t even take a flight that might be derailed to land in HK due to my online activities. Won’t let the wife either especially with a famous HK surname.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Who would want to visit totalitarian police state Hong Kong anyway?

Awful place.

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Agree with most posters above, don’t blame COVID (HK was actually handling that well), blame who’s now running the show up there.

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It's not COVID, it's CCP!!!

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It is unclear whether Lam has any control over its immigration policy as officials have made clear Beijing will ultimately call the shots on when to reopen.

Clear enough to me, Carrie Lam has no control over anything.

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HiroOct. 26  07:28 am JST

Hurting it's reputation? Do they even still have any reputation left after all the chaos and crackdown?

Let's just be honest, HK has been a part of Communist China since 1997 no matter what they say.

South Africa during its apartheid era had these 'independent bantustans' for forcably relocated 'Bantus' (Blacks) but nobody recognized those bogus 'homelands'. They were still in and a part of South Africa no matter what they said.

And sad to say, that's what HK is now. No matter what the CCP says.

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What socialism is in HK?

One example is that even under British ownership the was no private land ownership permitted. All land in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories was owned by the Crown. Government ownership of all land is a hallmark of Socialism. Remember until the 1980s UK was resolutely Socialist. All that was available in Hong Kong were long term leases, which the PRC agreed to honor through 2047.

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Desert Tortoise

All land in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories was owned by the Crown

Socialism is state ownership of the means of production. Land is very often not in this category, as it is not a significant input in the production of goods and services, apart from farming.

In the case of small and intensely urban Hong Kong, it's laughable to say the city state was socialist due to the Crown land leases. Capital was and is overwhelmingly in private hands. Maybe not for long, though.

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What socialism is in HK?

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Socialism destroys everything, and totalitarian covid restrictions don’t help.

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