Daiso value retailer aims to increase U.S. stores 10-fold


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oh no not another .99 cent store

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It looks good, more money from the US for the Japanese coffers..

But beware of shootings..

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Great. I sometimes hit the dollar general store in Florida where many labels are in Spanish. Best idea is to get off the consumer treadmill and realize how many things you don’t need.

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Yes, please replace the US dollars stores. Bring Don Kihote, and all Japanese convenience stores.

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Japan has truly fallen when it now resorts to selling extremely cheap goods. The reality of "cheap Japan" is exported worldwide.

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oh no not another .99 cent store

Just round it up to a cent. Things will still sell out and there won't ever be the problem of working out how to give 0.01 cents change.

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oh no not another .99 cent store

Daiso charges $1.50 for everything in their US stores, unless otherwise marked. At least, they did when I was living there.

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Companies like Shien who sell decent quality products at low costs tend to have a slave labor type structure set up in China. It's a convenience to have, sure, but these types of companies shouldn't really be appraised by any means.

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Daiso will be successful if they offer products not sold in the US. They could even charge a higher price. The store experience could be another way to make the stores popular.

I am assuming they will open is areas with large Asian communities or University towns.

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