Data of 130,000 accounts on Line cashless payment app leaked


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"We apologize deeply for causing great trouble and concern," the firm said in a statement.

Well that solves everything then.

How about penalties for breach of contract for companies and reckless endangerment?

Like if the shoe was on the other foot and a member of the public breaches contract and endangers a company's profit margin.

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This seems to be nothing unusual about this when it comes to computer security here.

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(sigh) Line again.

These jokers came already under the spotlight when it came out that their data got accessed by their own outlet in China a little bit too much for comfort.

And still, the J-gov is pushing the idea of using Line as a mean to access / use administrative services, possibly in tie with MyNumber...Funs and frolics ahead...

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"leaked" means they sold the info. It always does.

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That a company is lax with data is a concern. But from the description of the data that was accessible, this incident is unlikely to be a problem for anyone.

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OMG why?

Telegram thousand times better..btw did you ever heard abt Signal?


OK let me send you handwritten fax.../sarcasm off/

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