Delta will charge unvaccinated employees $200 per month


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The whole concept of insurance is shared costs, which means the obese couch potato pays the same as the fitness nut who lives off banana smoothies.

This is quite the precedent.

Perhaps it's fair if the people who never get hospitalized from Covid get that money returned after they leave the company.

Make it a deposit, not a payment, or make the entire insurance program voluntary.

You get sick, you're on your own.

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Good, make them pay for their choices and take the financial burden of their choices off the rest of us!

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The whole concept of insurance is shared costs, which means the obese couch potato pays the same as the fitness nut who lives off banana smoothies.

No not usually. Premiums correspond to risk. Actuaries have complex mathematical models of risk they use to calculate premiums based on multiple risk factors, so no the obese couch potato does pay the same as the fitness nut. Likewise your auto insurance premium is often based on age and driving record. Some with a history of traffic violations and/or collisions is considered a higher risk and is charged a higher premium. If your home is located in a flood or fire danger area your premium would be higher than that of the same home in an area not prone to floods and/or fires.

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Relentless vax everyone movement continues. I guess the staff who dont want vax will have to find another job......

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I guess the staff who dont want vax will have to find another job......

Did you read the article?

Delta's policy is not to dismiss unvaccinated staff, merely to charge them higher premiums.

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@Desert Tortoise

In many places automobile insurance is based on gender at birth, which should be illegal. Imagine the outrage if menopausal woman had to pay high rates like young men.

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Good on them. I've never flown Delta, but I've flown a lot. Make it safer, more comfortable, from a service and customer view, and you've got my business, Delta. Now, where do you fly?

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There is a pandemic of obesity in the US that costs insurance billions of dollars. Obese folks need to pay up or diet. It is also the obese folks who are ending up in hospital with COVID. Very few healthy people are getting more than a headache for a day if they catch COVID.

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I dislike the airline, actually all US airlines, but congratulate them on this move. Keep banging those nails into the anti vaccine cults coffin.

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Another reason to love Delta. World's best mileage system, young female Asian cabin attendants on Tokyo flights, free booze anytime, great entertainment system, free access to five-star level lounge for credit card members when flight booked on their website. Disappointed, however, when they cancelled the Nrt-Sin. route.

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Good to hear! I already choose Delta when I fly to the US. This just makes me want to use them even more.

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As they should. Excellent!

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Another defeat for the antivaxxer losers..

No, it's a win for them (and us) even though they may not realize it.

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I have been sold on Delta for decades, ever since I started living in Japan.

If you think that non-Stop; ATLNRT, is bad, Try DXBNRT

Don't forget to thank china for this, while you blame people who don’t trust the ones making the “Vaccine”.

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Conversely they could say “If you’re unvaccinated and are hospitalized due to COVID, we are not paying you medical expenses.

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Great idea, I hope others follow.

If you are stupid enough to risk your and others health, I am sure you wouldn’t mind paying more!

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It seems the big shots at Delta and big Pharma just had dinner together.

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It's like smokers can be insured for life insurance as well, they are not uninsurable. But to say the risk is the same, and you have no choice in mitigating such risk is incorrect. Thus it would only be reasonable to charge you a higher premium for that choice.

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Maybe this will pave the way for any number of weighted health risks. No reason why a healthy fit person should not get a discounted rate on his insurance the same as driver without tickets gets on his auto insurance. This might also encourage people to get fit.

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Seems fair. Corporations & Insurance carries colluding to “*Build a wall and get** [employees] to pay for it” *?

- “This surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company," Bastian said in a memo to employees.

Delta is self-insured and sets premiums for its plans, which are administered by UnitedHealthcare.

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Delta - Dont Expect Luggage To Arrive. Just saying ..............

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