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Delta on long road back to normal after massive flight cancellations


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We would appreciate first of all a breakdown of what they’re spending on IT because that’s not really clear to us. We know what planes they’re buying,” for example, Corridore said.

Agreed. IT is very important these days as illustrated and can easily be ignored as a "variable" expense and should be open in a public company such as Delta. Hope IT expenses for all airlines will not be hidden.

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Makes me wonder why don't they have redundant systems? Even when I travel, I have 2 GPS just in case. Unfortunately, some CEOs have no clue with IT. The latest things I have heard is the CFO asks why we have so many mainframes and servers. Doh! We want to make sure the customers will be able to access their accounts 24/7 with up-to-date information. One newer department head was even more funny saying he could replace all the servers with stateless cluster when the financial data will eventually sync'd up - LOL. Let's see if you want to cash a check that exceeded you available fund and the 'stateless' system does not reflect the right balance yet, who will take the lost????

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Almost had a misconnect on my delta flight on Monday. If I would have missed that flight I'd probably still be camped out at Narita.

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Not my favorite airline.Last year I flew with them from San Francisco to Calgary via Salt Lake City.I thought Japan inter city bus is better.

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