Department stores, supermarkets announce restricted hours of business


Several supermarket and department store chains on Monday announced plans to cooperate with planned power outages by reducing their hours of operation.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings said that Mitsukoshi and Isetan stores in Chiba, Tachikawa, Matsudo, Urawa, Sagamihara and Fuchu will be closed on March 14. Isetan Shinjuku and Mitsukoshi stores in Nihonbashi and Ginza will be open for business from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. J Front Retailing announced that the Daimaru store in Urawa Parco, Saitama will be closed on March 14. Takashimaya Omiya will be open for business for just an hour and 50 minutes from 10 a.m. until 11:50 a.m. The Seibu Group has also announced that it will be restricting business hours in the affected areas.

Seven & I Holdings announced that Ito Yokado supermarkets will also remain closed for the duration of the power cuts.

7-Eleven convenience stores are to remain open throughout the rolling blackouts. Seven & I Holdings is currently working on a way to preserve refrigerated goods and the company says that cash registers will continue to operate thanks to an internal battery power source.

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I'm going to check out my local 7-11 to see what's left on the shelves. Lots of empty space yesterday.

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Even more empty shelving. Staff says they don't know when more is coming. Remaining: bottle water, booze, naughty magazines, half the instant ramen, a few bento, and two desperately lonely onigiri. Other shelves obliterated with I don't remember what, but some sort of none food items. A few bags of White Day choco.

Prepare to dig in for a couple of days, folks.

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Must be boom time for Taxi drivers ,Marts and Supermarts. All sold out at Marts. Hoarding of food and buying in bulk,should be reduced .

Electricity Cuts ,Road damage and Public Food Panic,is making all these woes.

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Why rely on stores having what you need in time of crisis when the supply system is already stretched? Having my own "hoard" as backup, built up in better times means I'm not weighing on the system now. Some one else can have the things which I don't need to buy today.

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