Despite redesign, Toyota Camry’s reign as top U.S. car in jeopardy


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So? Sit on top long enough and you get apathetic and lethargic and fail to keep in mind that those "below" you are fighting to knock you off.

This is probably a good thing for Toyota. They make great cars, but too keep their position they have to become more innovative to keep it.

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Plz Americans buy smaller, fuel-efficient (or even hybrid/electric) cars! Cheap gas will not last forever. If only we paid as much for gas as the Europeans we would have probably developed better public transport and I wouldn't have to see suburban moms driving huge trucks anymore...

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Was just back in the States and saw a lot of RAV4's and CRV's. Both are beautiful cars and either would suit me. Lots of people prefer riding higher.

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I understand that Toyota would like the Camry to continue as the most popular car in the US, but if it is another one of your models, in this case the Rav4(never liked that name) then there is a silver lining to the cloud. Was back in Canada over the holidays and saw a lot of Japanese cars, but not a lot of hybrids, but now that many provinces have started a carbon tax, might see more of them on the road.

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These past years, Toyota's grille alone puts me off.

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Mazda makes way better cars than Toyota nowadays, in terms of their attention to detail, quality, driving feel, Mazda beats Toyota hands down.

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Obviously people buy cars for different reasons. As someone who's owned several Toyotas over the years I've stuck with the brand because of the company's continual improvement approach. They design and create a good model, and then each succeeding year find ways to make it better. I've had no interest in flashy cars since I was a teenager. My cars have always been boring to others, but exactly what I needed.

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Long time driving/motorcycling enthusiast and I proclaim that my well-maintained 2002 Subaru Forester can hang in there with the lot of them newbies.

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