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Disasters send Japanese economy back into recession


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I knew this without being a senior economist.

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What did you expect,this is just the negative response that we hear every day, what ever happened to positive thinking. Isn't there anybody in the diet in Tokyo that has a voice.The Japanese politicians don't want to join an Asian free trade group,don't want to open up Japan as part of a free trade zone.it seems they don't want to do anything . It is about time some of those so called politicians, woke up. As a gaijin living here, this is my home,and will continue to be, but the apathy that exists here in Japan is unbelievable,everything is just accepted.Sometimes its hard to get my head round their way of thinking.

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So glad they added thst last part about consumer spending and too bad they cut out the part about exports being less than 15% of the j economy( go to bbc for the full articlr). Cant wait to hear from other posters try to claim that exports is what drives the j economy. Pfff. If it isnt for those moms eating out and shopping, dads out drinking and youngsters at izakayas and hostesses, people buying a new car every 4-10 years and the souvenir giving culture, japan would be in a very dark place. Keep spending people!!

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I bought a new computer... did it help?

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What disaster??

951 out every 1000 employable japanese,work in japan. Only 49 out of every 1000 japanese not working.

Compare this to Afghanistan 35 percent unemployment or 350 out of every 1000 employable afghans,this is disaster.

High unemployment is main factor, causing the disaster in afghanistan.

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I bought 12 new Mac Minis for my business. Is that not supporting the economy?

One large flat screen tv also...isn't that not supporting the economy?

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I would have bought more stuff to support the economy but my income was cut, plus I gave a bunch of money to the Red Cross through Mizuho Bank to help with the disaster...

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