Disney to lay off 32,000 U.S. workers in 2021

By Frederic J. BROWN

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Go woke go broke as the old saying goes . Disney with what you did to Star Wars and recently Mulan you deserve everything you get. It's just a shame the people lowest down suffer first.

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"The Happiest Place on Earth," ha ha ha... Disney doesn't care a mouse's poop about their labor pool. My buddy who's worked for them for 20 years has been laid off twice.

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The Tragic Kingdom - for its serfs, that is.

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Even though the most logical thing to do is cut executives on their pay. They’re the ones that steered the company the wrong way, they should take the cut.

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Mickey & Donald et al, on the dole

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Not a word of a lie: just happened to be watching “The Little Mermaid” with my daughter and as I started reading this article the song “poor unfortunate souls” started up.

Achievement unlocked: epic serendipity

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And I was hoping to get my dividend reinstated! Oh well, my Disney shares are up 60% since the March lows, not too shabby.

The move comes on the heels of Disney's $4.7 billion loss in the most recent quarter, which reflected the hit to its theme park business and the derailment or postponement of major movie releases.

Yet in this distorted market, somehow these quarterly losses keep driving up the share price.

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