Dow hits record, erasing Great Recession losses


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Yeah, and almost half the US population is on welfare.

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It is artificial and cannot last. The FED Reserve has been giving away money to investers to keep things looking rosy. This money is simply printed. Companies are not going to use their own reserves when they know unemployment is at 14% and half the population is on welfare. This is a smokescreen. Beware what the near future holds. Politicians at work.

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Yeah, and almost half the US population is on welfare.

Desperation is the new economic bubble . As the saying goes - "the rich are rich, because the poor are poor".

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How quickly the mob forgets the "Greenspan put" and the damage it did to the world economy. Nothing has changed but markets at record levels. Sad part is I am short and hurting.

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Time to get out now!

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We'll see. The stock market tends to precede Main Street. When the stock market crashed, it took a while to ripple down to Main Street. Same when the stock market goes up, it'd take awhile to ripple down to Main Street.

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“It signals that things are getting back to normal." Maybe for the 1%. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how his plays out, since the Fed is the biggest influence on the US stock markets these days.

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"Normal" ain't what it used to be!

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Thanks, Obama.

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Just getting ready for the slaughter, fattening the calves. Suckers.

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Honestly, this article is nothing but American propaganda. Only someone who is completely gullible would believe what it says.

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almost half the US population is on welfare

How do you figure, Jeff?

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The US has so much debt that it can never be paid off. Interest on the debt makes sure that it just keeps growing too.

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Because the only jobs left in America are minimum-wage service jobs. The US government puts out bs statistics and some sources I've read put the number as high as three-quarters of the US population if you include defense contracts, farm subsidies, government employees, and the fact that the drop-in-the-bucket sequestration is causing the Federal government to panic.

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raising stock prices, isnt a cure for any economy. Including this country. The basis of a stable, sustainable economy, is the fostering of a egalitarian state. There are no quick fixes for any economic crisis, except, to lower interest rates, therein to increase the financial capital portfolio, cut taxes to increase spending, and then.... create a brand new bubble, and yes ladies and gentleman, this is exactly the same policy used world wide, since the US left the gold standard. The only way the global economy, let alone the economy of this country is going to increase in real value terms,.. is another industrial revolution.. i.e. green technology.. etc.

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