Driven by consumers, U.S. inflation grows more persistent


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With this statement

longtime drivers of higher inflation — spiking gas prices, supply chain snarls, soaring used-car prices — are fading

And the omission of the continued 100's of billions in new US government (future tax payer) spending, I new this was an AP article before getting to the end.

The current administration and the Fed are working at odds on inflation.

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Blame the consumer for higher prices?

Of course….

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But, didn't Biden announce that the US had 0% inflation just a couple of weeks ago?


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Meanwhile, the BOJ and government here WANT to have 2% inflation.

Who believes that they can control inflation steady at a rate of 2%, from their cushy chairs in their government offices in Tokyo?

The best degree of inflation, is 0% inflation. That is actual price stability. Wanting more than 0% is being for taxation by stealth.

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"Driven by consumers, U.S. inflation grows more persistent"

“It appears that retailers are now raising prices because they can, not because they have to. Consumer demand is still too strong,” said Aneta Markowska, chief economist at Jefferies, an investment bank, in a research note."

So, this contrast would suggest that 'consumers' are 'responsible' because retailers have an opportunity to gouge them? Sounds like the 'logic' of Capitalism to me...

How is 'inflation' fundamentally different from domestic 'currency devaluation'? Workers drag raises out of Corporate but Corporate raises prices to match the raises and the worker gets nothing but a larger number and no significant improvement in their financial situation and then Corporate benefits more as prices continue to rise and, once again falling behind, workers have to drag raises out of their masters while real profits increase in the interim. And the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What a con game...

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Driven by governmet profligacy and money printing actually. consumers are the ones who suffer.

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My personal guess is, all that inflation is kind of artificially made, just in time when the pandas has slowed down significantly. They just grab the opportunity to cash in quickly all the money reserves people have saved when they couldn’t go out, buy or travel so much. The problem is, it currently seems to work , but that’s of course only short time. Then the people are blank again and the real deflationary crisis will flood away whole branches and economies.

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pandemic of course, not pandas. lol

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It may be difficult to get inflation in Japan because the corporations suck up and hoard the cash and do not increase wages.

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Seriously? Wholesale prices already up 9% and that will inevitably filter thru to Retail prices.

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