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Driverless cars could save lives, but kill businesses

By Joseph White and Paul Ingrassia

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The article contains no mention of the reason the Barclay's analyst predicts that sales could fall dramatically, though judging from the lede, that is what the article is about.

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You can complain and fearmonger about a dying market or you can adapt.

Adapt or die.

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My friend recently got a great car that has an Auto function and he only needs to keep one hand on the steering wheel to keep it going.

Best thing is the gas milage since it don't use Gasoline/Diesel or Petrol.

Yes, he got himself a Tesla.

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I've been an advocate of this idea for a long while. Not only would this save lives, but time and fuel as well. The use of the ZIGBEE communications protocol, small data packets to many nodes, could allow for seamless and smooth driving. For example, Narita Airport to Shinjuku in 45 minutes. Drivers cause most slowdowns. The integration of sensors with this system can theoretically eliminate traffic lights by allowing automobiles, cyclists, and pedestrians to move through an intersection at the same time. Couple the sensors of the vehicles through the ZIGBEE protocol with a swarm theory control algorithm, and voila!

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Speaking of communications with cars, any news on V2X in Japan using the new V2V standards like in the US? V2V is argued as being needed for truly autonomous vehicles at intersections without infrastructure.

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I don't think it will result in a loss of jobs-just the market will just reinvent itself. I think artist is right on this one. plus, it will be nice to be able to drink ANYWHERE you want and not have to worry about how you're going to get home-or if someone else is drunk behind the wheel.

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Just keep both options in the car, and let the driver decide if he/she wants to go manual or auto at that particular situation

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Taxi drivers, be very afraid.

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no mention of the reason the Barclay's analyst predicts that sales could fall

Er... you've not got the complete article ? Sales will fall because :

driverless cars ... summoned with a smartphone just like Uber cars today, many people might forgo car ownership.

And this is already happening while cars still need drivers. Many youths only rent or borrow cars on occasions. There is the development of the electric rental cars that you can reserve by phone, pick and drop at any other plug in the area. In my city, they are testing the car Rbnb, so when one needs to park in town for the day (for work or leisure) , the trick is to save the parking fee by renting the car to a person that needs one for a few hours. That's just the first step. Big urban areas are thinking about restricting and even banning personal cars. Probably in 20 yrs, the car ownership as we know it will remain only for the rural areas.

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