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ECB brings 750 bil euro bazooka to virus fightback


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stepping up efforts to contain the economic damage from the coronavirus.

If/when the globe emerges from this mess it would be nice to think the global powers that are (and have long been) will take measures to ensure human health and environmental health are seen as vital and equal in importance to economic health. Maybe the fossils running the fossil economies will find ways to stop burning so much fuel and stop wars for their control. Maybe some governments will cut back on their subsidies to and preferential treatment of fossil industries thereby allowing smaller businesses to compete on a more level playing field. It's well beyond time to restructure economies to allow broader participation. Dump leaders beholden to the fossils.

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Maybe the fossils running the fossil economies will find ways to stop burning so much fuel....

This has nothing to do with fossil fuels. All such distraction and all the economic stimulus in the world won't fix the problem until we are allowed to be truthful and specific about what caused it and who caused it (which I'm not allowed to mention here). Good luck doing that in this pc world. Otherwise, expect more meltdowns to come. We should have learned our lesson after SARS, but nope.

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They just had 750 billion lying around. Meanwhile some kids can’t even get a decent meal.


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