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Musk tells investors he'll pause on Tesla stock sales


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He’s laid off half of the workforce, axed contract content moderators and disbanded a council of trust and safety advisors. He has dropped enforcement of COVID-19 misinformation rules and called for criminal charges against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease expert.

To an extent , people need to be their own judges about the value of the information they come across.

Musk seems to have fallen credulously for some ideas like technophilic pronatalism though.


It seems he is becoming more and more like the character Joiler Veppers in his inspirational Iain Banks Culture series.

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Musk will bounce back stronger and richer.

I'm not sure about that. He's taken a massive hit to his brand now. It's going to take a few more successes before people forget about this whole Twitter debacle.

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Under Musk Tesla stock has tanked 60%

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Yep. I can confirm that many people have become millionaires thanks to Musk.

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Flash in the pan billionaire. He'll flop one day because of his own ego. Better to invest in his competitors. He's too unpredictable

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This is the beginning of the end for Tesla. They were the only EV option before, but there are now so many other EV coming on the market.

When you factor in most EV buyers are liberals, they will be looking for options outside of Tesla due to musk’s toxic personality. Conservative Americans, musk’s base, are defiantly against EV.

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He had a window, he missed it. Now the big auto makers are going to eat him of a snack.

The fact that he harmed the bend with his behavior as a troll and his inattentive attitude towards planning and quality certainly didn’t help.

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Would you buy a car from Musk? I wouldn't.

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Ah, those Tesla Stock Puts are no longer going to be worth more then Gold :(

You live by the word of the internet, you die by the word of the internet.

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Tesla Motors sucks waaahahaha!!!..

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He should have concentrated on building better quality cars, with on time delivery as "promised".

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