Environment minister sees business risk in building new coal-fired plant


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The industry minister Hiroshige Seko, however, brushed off that claim, saying the opinion is not an objection.

And there's the REAL risk to Japan Inc:

J Gov's inability to effectively direct and - where needed - sanction industry, puts us at a competitive disadvantage to other nations.

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Japan ratified the 2015 Paris agreement to curb to curb carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and 2050.

Oh come now, the Paris agreement was not a formal treaty, and there is no real obligation to adhere to it. The more ironic thing is that the signatory which stands most to gain from the Paris agreement is China, who is exempt from any CO2 reductions for some years. As America, Europe, and Japan are forced to cut back energy consumption and manufacturing to meet the Paris Agreement goals, more and more raw materials production and manufacturing will to to China. This will accomplish two things, fewer jobs and lower pay in America, Europe, and Japan, and no decrease whatsoever in CO2 as China ramps up production to meed increased demand. What a farce.

Since Trump came into office, much of the G20 have now backed off plans for their governments to finance the requirements of the Paris agreement, and are now stating that their private sectors will find a way to meet these obligations (dream on). With America not taking part, and China continuing to pollute as it ever has, what is the point?

The simplest solution would be to reopen more nuclear plants, then the coal-powered plant would be unnecessary. But that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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Japans worried about the myth of "Climate Change" by hesitating in the building of a Coal Fired Power Station, you'd have thought after the mess of Fukushima Japanese politicians would have been racing to build other power sources and shutting their Nuclear Power Stations as quick as possible.

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the brown bags of money have to go somewhere. Too bad focusing on local energy of which Japan is FULL OF like geothermal and investing and increasing solar power which everyone else wants isn't possible. There's no Big Solar or Big Thermal lobby to take orders from or line pockets for

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Since the Kyoto Protocol, Japanese leaders have bragged of being the world leader in Co2 emissions cuts, announcing the most ambitious cuts of any country, pointing to supposedly superior Japanese technology and awareness among the population

But then a couple of years on, they ditch or backpedal on their promises. It's embarrassing. I'm surprised anyone listens to Japan at all anymore, other than for comedic value.

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Abe government use climate change as pretext to cling to Nuclear power.

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Yamamoto-san, please stick to your guns and deny approval for any more coal plants. Economically speaking renewable energy is fast becoming one of the cheapest options, and only going to get cheaper in the years to come, and that doesn't even take into effect the huge health costs of coal plants.

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And you thought Japan was the forerunner in clean energy.....sooner or later Japanese might be going to China to get away from air pollution.

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China decided Coals burning created smog in its sky covered and there is no blue sky over China. Calif. use solar energy, not coal, for domestic energy now. Coal mines in Virginia is not doling good business.

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