EU clears Suntory's $16 bil takeover of Jim Beam


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Is it only me? Everything in America seems like it's for sale to the highest bidder.

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The Jim Beam bourbons are good stuff. Give them a try if you haven't already.

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Drank gallons of Beam while in college, but if I'm going to drink bourbon now I go for The Yellow Rose of Texas. Ever tried some?

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"...The Yellow Rose of Texas. Ever tried some?"

No, I haven't but I see it received good reviews. Jim Beam now has some newer variations on their bourbon I enjoy. Jim Beam Black and Jim Beam Signature compare well to the original.

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Jim Beam is having terrible representation here in Japan since their exclusive sales agent changed so much through the years with a "dump the stock" bargain sales each time they change hurting the brand.

Suntory used to represent Jack Danniel but lost them recently resulting to this move. Kirin by the way owns Four Roses.

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Could someone explain why a takeover of Jim Beam( an American company) needs approval by the E.U. I understand that exports etc are to the E.U but isn't this dependent on the United States Govt approval?

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I wondered the same thing when I first read the article, but wasn't sure since business law isn't my field of expertise. Can anyone enlighten us as to why the EU has any say in this acquisition?

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I believe European Union approval is needed for this merger because both Beam, Inc. and Suntory products are sold in Europe.

Anyway, thanks to the critical success of Suntory's Yamazaki and Hibiki brand whiskey beverages in recent years, we might even see improvements in the quality of the whiskies made by Beam, Inc.

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Just more of the usual selling out, fleecing and raping of U.S. products and distribution networks. The Japanese own or control through joint ventures so many US companies or business sectors that its hard to know what is really US made anymore. Many household brands that you take for granted as being US made are actually owned by Japanese now. Youll rarely see such activity in Japan...that is Jim Beam buying Kirin or Asahi. When I research US products sold in Japan, I usually find that a Japanese company has bought it. I know that the US GDP is 3 times or more bigger than Japans, and many think this is good for business, but long term this isnt good for US innovation and patent protection. I dont know who is behind this nonsense in the US, but they should be aware of what is going on.

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