Europe's economic powerhouse Germany tests shorter working week

By Pierrick YVON

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Only works where employees are efficient.

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The real problem is, that people will now have to distribute the same or more often less income on 50% more own free and leisure time. For that model working properly, you would need the 20% working time deduction PLUS 50% more income, and I guess no current economy has the strength to shoulder that on big scale for all employees without very strong negative impact, also not the German economy.

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I was read up on world economy and this article state that Germany will replace Japan as the third biggest economy this year. I bet they didn't calculate a shorter working week into the data. Also tomorrow Australia resevre bank will push up interest rate so watch the AUD drop 5 to 10 point to the Yen over the next month. If it hit 88-87 buy because it will rise back up to 96-99 in 3 months. This as happen 3 time over the the last 12 months and each time it as coincide with the rise in interest rates

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Germany is a great economy and democracy and even with all it’s imperfections is always willing to innovate and adapt to times and care more about quality work rather than quantity.

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I once worked at place back home were they had a 4/5 work days weeks alternating, at first it was hard to adjust but then later it became the norm, not sure if they are still doing it! but 4 days 38 hrs. is even better.

Hope others will follow this trend especially Japan were workers really need it.

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This article is somewhat one -sided, the foundation and the Igmetal have a left -wing agenda and not the majority of employees.

If you want to be promoted and earn more than average salary, you have to do more and accept a over -tariff contract that includes a "trust in time". I.e. to work as many hours as the job requires, literally. On how many days a week is secondary, there are laws in this regard, but can hardly be monitored if you work at or from home additionally.

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Germany U.S. hardly an economic powerhouse

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