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Europe and Japan show signs of stabilizing, but China slides


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For how long have many of us been talking about China's boomtown economy? The Yuppies running investment companies wanted us to buy into a fully prosperous China notion. But one look at the society and you can see that the vast majority of Chinese were left out in the rain and not benefiting from this.

There are countless documentaries on the state of life for working people in China, but everyone chooses to focus on the few rich kids. Meanwhile college grads live 6 to a small flat with conditions that are more like Chechnya than Tokyo. And the are lucky. Many less educated workers live dozens to a room in the city, sometimes squatting in failed construction areas. They struggle to eat one meal a day.

Again they are lucky, in the countryside there is no work, no income and peasants live in conditions that are like the Maoist era.

Factory workers work in pretty hard and dire conditions too.

We see only the small middle class and rich Chinese here in Japan. The vast majority could not dream of travel.

China is a boomtown. And a risk to the global recovery. It is time we fairly accessed their economic change.

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Yes, indeed. Let me add one more crazy fact to your list, tkoind2.

1.3 billion people in China have no voting rights. Unbelievable!!

China has to take care of "shadow banks" that are failing part. If this problem is not solved, China will continue tanking. I would not touch China right now, period.

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China's bubble developed a couple of pinholes back in 2008 and has been slowly leaking since but that bubble is about to burst. Just wait until those with money have no where safe to be in China.

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Europe recovering? Tell that to the huge number of unemployed.

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@ AKBfan: you should consider that every state of EU rely on ECB (European Central Bank) about economic matters. The only reason why a nation like Japan can print money as much as possible. They can, we (EU) can't. Stabilization of the entire Union depend from ECB's decisions.

Same flag (euro zone), different laws.

By the way, about China's slide, we can realize that we should take a different road for investment instead of concentrate everything in a single place. If I were in one of many businessman, I should start to worry about it.

Sorry, I'm not an expert in economy, but that's my thinking.

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The potential in China is massive! Don't all economies have ups and downs? For long term growth China is still the one!

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For long term growth China is still the one!

China reminds me a former U.S.S.R. that is now broken into many pieces.

China has too many cultural diversities under a communist regime. China is a time bomb as a gap between the rich and the poor is widening. 1.3 billion people still cannot vote. We see many Chinese tourists who are coming to Japan and spend, spend, and spend while other Chinese are coming for physical labor. Simply a time bomb!!

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