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Europe looking to fight flood of Chinese electric vehicles


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Not a premium item but a necessity so the consumer will buy the ‘cheap one’

Europe needs more kei cars

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“I’m sorry, Europe. Go home,” she said. “China has a better offer.”

She might change her tune if the batteries spontaneously combust, and her house burns down...

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ThubanToday  06:42 am JST

 looking to fight flood of Chinese electric vehicles

Err.... so you want "eco-conscious" consumers to have lower selection and pay higher prices.

That is not the point. Point is protecting European jobs as the EVs from China are made at staggering losses covered by the Chinese government. It’s the same way companies have tried to take over markets for ever, flood the market with stuff made at a loss to drive out competition. After that hike up prices.

PayPay is another such example.

Anyway, agree with the ”eco-conscious” as there is nothing green about EVs.

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If you want a green transition, you need a flood of cheap EVs, regardless of where they come from.

Or you can build a wall around your tribe and keep on pumping out patriotic emissions until the climate finishes everyone off.

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China won the EV market, Japan is dead!!

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For decades European, American and Japanese automakers sold their soul and shared their technology with Chinese companies.

They were also very happy to take the profits and lower costs.

They have no right to complain about their comeuppance.

Tesla not only completed a new Shanghai factory last year, it also started importing its Chinese cars back to the US.

And if anyone thinks that these companies are now less China-oriented and wiser to the Chinese endgame then he needs to read what Apple did to Jon Stewart this week.

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She might change her tune if the batteries spontaneously combust, and her house burns down

May I assume you don't buy Chinese products today including most batteries already installed in Nissan and Honda?

I am happy to hear you stay far away from 100 yen shops, Wal-Mart and the like too..

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 “China has a better offer.”

I hope the reporter interviews again later, after she's put about 100,000 km on the odometer.

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