Europe powers up electric car battery drive


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Exactly how "green" is the sourcing and processing of the rare-earth metals required for the production of such batteries AND the recycling/reprocessing of expended batteries at the end of their service lives? And what powers the operations of these processes? Discuss:

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These sorts of big picture moves are what we need to save the atmosphere from a runaway green house effect.

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Bye, bye, Tesla. Here come the Big Boys. Actual manufacturers, with infrastructure.

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When the raw numbers of EVs begins to rise significantly, the limitations of the power grids will be evident as the case is in California.

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California has about half of America's EVs. Utilities encourage EV owners to sign up for special rate plans, wherein they are charged less for electricity used at night, and they are thus encouraged to charge their vehicles during periods of lower demand on the grid.

Businesses and homeowners with solar panels can charge EVs during the daytime, when they are generating electrical power, without using electricity from the grid.

The cost of batteries has come down enough that it is becoming practical for homeowners with solar panels to buy, install, and charge their own batteries, reducing the need to use electricity from the grid.

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How can you write an article about electric cars and batteries without mentioning Tesla? It boggles my mind.

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