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Even with rising wages, robot revolution skips restaurants


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I'm fine with automating certain tasks in a restaurant to make it more efficient. Though if it comes to automating the core task of preparing food itself, I think we're all just doomed. I foresee a future with robot created food for the poor and human made food only available for the elite. There goes all the creative popup restaurants, food trucks and so on... But of course I could be wrong ;-)

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We can be more positive with this same world - it might turn out said machines make food better than mediocre cooks that would otherwise have served the poor.

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I don't think that machines will completely over take humans in any restaurant, and while it might be that there will be less people working in the chain ones, I don't see them edging out the popup's or the food trucks. I don't see this kind of automation taking off in the small business. They might get more then they have now, but I think for the smaller businesses they will still do most of the work by hand.

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Certain “people” industries will be immune from robots. That is to say, robots will never occupy the major space in top end eateries because people go there for the atmosphere and ambiance which is enhanced by the personal and human service. A robot will never replace a chatty barmaid in a pub, but drive through McD’s? Sure, that will be mechanised.

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