Boeing faces new hurdle in 737 MAX electrical grounding issue

By Eric M. Johnson, David Shepardson and Tracy Rucinski

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This plane is a failure. Why not take it out of traffic forever.

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Sounds like they will be grounded again.

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Extra paperwork. Poor old Boeing. I bet they ground their teeth.

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Makes you wonder... why were these issues not picked up when the Aircraft was first reviewed for Airworthiness.. (and what may also be going on with other new Aircraft from other Manufacturers).

In the case of Boeing... they self-signed off everything as being perfectly okay.....

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I have absolutely no trust in the (US) FAA, as they seem to be in the pockets of others. One has to assume the same is the case elsewhere Globally.

Perhaps the NTSB (in the US) should be given powers to take criminal negligence action over its "sister" organisation the FAA, regarding some of these shortcomings that we're finding out about. Rubber-stamping being one such.

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Hire Spacex already to solve this challenge.

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