U.S. and Europe clash over global supersonic jet noise standards

By Allison Lampert and Jamie Freed

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"Boom Supersonic"! That's a marketing triumph!

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Why should people living under the flight path be subject to worse noise pollution (which is bad enough already) just because a US company wants to flog a noisy aircraft to some wealthy customers?

This isn’t mass market transport, not even on the scale of Concorde, but small jets for the obscenely wealthy.

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When I saw the headline, I did not to need to read the article to know which was the one pushing for lower standards

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I think I can see some of the concerns here. Replace the text "Supersonic planes", with "Expensive, Very Fast, Gas Guzzling & Rather Loud Cars" - the local Rich Kids would buy them up and rev their engines whilst they drove through the neighborhood.... just as they actually do at present when driving their Porches, Ferrari's etc. There has to be some set of rules in order to bring some semblance of control to avoid a similar situation arising in the air above us. I don't really wish to have to keep replacing my windows because some Rich kid decides to buzz the area in order to create a sonic boom.

Supersonic is fine, so long as it's over sea (I think), over land then... nope.

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The Americans fighters and bombers create a lot more noise than this new jet. We are suppose to love the sound of an American F-15C taking off on full afterburner! They fly not high over my Okinawa home.

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I live within walking distance of an airport that caters to private jets. They are not bad, but I am not sure about the noise from the new supersonic jets.

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Bring back that beautiful bird, the Concorde.

Oshkosh Concorde: Runway View

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