Who's in charge at Nissan? COO's allies push to give him shared CEO role

By Norihiko Shirouzu

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So, still a mess at Nissan and 2 co CEO’s would mean more confusion and infighting.

Mr Gupta wants to focus on commercial vehicles while companies are not renewing their commercial fleets.

yes, Nissan needs to restructure but into what ? Cutting, deep cutting is necessary but where is the rebuilding strategy ? If it is commercial vehicles I am afraid it will end bad.

The main problem for Nissan is their horrible marketing and lack of competent sales people. Their cars, vans, light trucks are no better or worse than their sector competitors but marketing is horror.

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Toxic brand, the only reason to get involved is gathering a huge salery, flee as soon as possible. The stench is palatable.

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In this age when your image is tainted .it's game over.

Cut the losses and somehow ask Renault for help.losers in Japan Nissan headquarters are not good for anything.

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It's more like "Who's on first?"

This is really and truly a sad business with the inmates running the madhouse. Nissan made (and I assume still makes) really great cars. As I wrote once, we owned two Nissans, a used clunker when we were young and spiffy new sedan when we were a bit older. We gave the sedan to a relative when, a bit more older, we got a luxury foreign car. Our relative drove the Nissan sedan for at least a decade before trading it in on a new Nissan. Our Nissans had few problems and Nissan service was super.

I usually don't care about what happens to corporations but do hope Nissan executives can get their act together.

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Next target after Ghosn....good luck!!!

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It would behoove Mr. Gupta to remember that he is a foreigner and to look at what happened to the last foreign guy who helped engineer a great turnaround at Nissan.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

At their recent press conferences, Gupta and another Indian accountant answered nearly all of the questions, while all Uchida could manage was a half-hearted 'Ganbatte' and 'The Nissan Way' at the end. Back in March, Gupta promised to go to the New York Motor Show and personally sell Nissan cars; he has another 2 months to perfect his sales pitch.

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Massive power vacuum after the departure of a central powerful figure leads to instability and backstabbing in the press. More at 11.

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So is Uchida a patsy?

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For the thousandth time, these "sources" at Nissan need to stop blabbing to the press, and focus on building attractive cars that people want to buy. I honestly wonder what the upper management at Nissan does all day.

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I honestly wonder what the upper management at Nissan does all day.

Hey. Plotting, backstabbing, grifting and conniving take a lot of work. Barely leaves time for the less important things like making cars people want to buy.

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Beware the Ides of March.

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Gupta will end up in a box flying to Lebanon.

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Indian people are best CEOs, honest, capable, and most importantly don't work for their government!

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Never let western people run your company. Sony, Nissan all paid dearly

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Viewing Ghosn’s prosecution as one against a free thinking foreigner is narrow minded.

Ghosn didn’t do himself any favors by his shady & corrupt dealings.

Dont know much about Gupta, but he sounds capable. Nissan needs someone sensible and capable leading them.

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Two captains cannot captain one ship. It is recipe for disaster.

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One Mountain Cannot Contain Two Tigers.

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Once Upon A time there was this great auto maker called Nissan, now it's a SINKING SHIP and it won't talk long before these so called CEO's start jumping.

One Mismanagement after another, Lies, Poor Quality, Recalls, Stock Manipulation, and Power struggle took this once profitable and creative company straight to Bankruptcy.

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One of the sources, a Nissan executive, told Reuters:"We're clear enough in telling the board what our expectations are. But we don't want to push the issue too hard. We want this to happen in a natural way."

Awesome statement, cleaver, but also meaningless.

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Indian people are best CEOs, honest, capable, and most importantly don't work for their government!

They are very capable, as for honesty, well at that level, honesty or lack of it is legalized so it's debatable as to what is honest or not, and yes they definitely do not work for their government.

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Nissan is finished regardless of who takes over, due to Abe's plan to host US intermediate range missiles in Iwakuni base along with Japan's own intermediate range missiles as replacement of Aegis Ashore.

This will trigger a massive economic retaliation against Japan in China, namely Japanese auto brands taking the hit. While Toyota and Honda can survive being ousted from Chinese market, Nissan cannot, since Nissan decided to retreat from world market and focus on just the US and China. Losing Chinese market will be the end of Nissan.

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